“Mickey Struggling” by Otto Schade, Paris
artwork, Commissions, Paris, street art, Street-Art
“Aquarium” by Otto Schade @ Hackney, London
artwork, Commissions, london, street art, Street-Art
“Never Give Up” by Otto Schade @ London Mural Festival
artwork, Commissions, london, street art, Street-Art
Charlie Chaplin Street Art by Otto Schade @ Kino Café, Haus Schwarzenberg, Mitte (Berlin)
artwork, berlin, Charlie Chaplin, Commissions, Mitte, ribbonedart, street art, Street-Art
“The Wink” by Otto Schade
artwork, Commissions, Holborn, london, ribbonedart, street art, Street-Art, wink
Otto Schade artwork @ the Hotel Borde Estero in Pucon, Chile
artwork, chile, Commissions, Pucon, Street-Art, streetart
Otto Schade @ 40grad Urbanart Festival 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany.
artwork, Commissions, germany, Shows, Street-Art
Otto Schade @ Artbase Festival 2019, Neustrelitz, Germany.
artwork, Commissions, germany, Shows, Street-Art
Otto Schade @ Festival of Lights Berlin 2019
artwork, berlin, Commissions, Shows, Street-Art
South East Asia & Oceania Tour
australia, bangkok, Commissions, melbourne, Street-Art, sydney, thailand, Vietnam
Interview with BookAnArtist
Commissions, Interview, Street-Art
Otto Schade @ Festival of Lights Berlin 2018
berlin, Commissions, Shows, Street-Art
Otto Schade – The Lady don’t protest enough
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
“Paris Tour 2018”
Commissions, Shows, Street-Art, Work
Welwyn Garden City Project
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
Bull in a China Shop Cocktail bar Commission
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
“Her Hometown”
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
American Tour 2017 (NYC – Miami).
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
Raw Project Murals and Crush Festival
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
Beirut Artist Collaboration Residency
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
“Follow Me” latest street artwork in Malta (June 2017)
follow me, malta, street art malta, Street-Art, Work
“Tennis Player” (Wimbledon 2012)
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
“Family Ties” in Los Angeles, USA
Elephants, Family Ties, Los Angeles, Street-Art, USA, Work
“The Believers” in Shoreditch
silhouette, street art, Street-Art, Work
New street artwork “Better Choice”
hackney road, london, shoreditch, silhouette, stencil, street art, Street-Art, Work
“The Kiss” (London/2010)
Banksy, Brick Lane, Commissions, london, Otto Schade, shoreditch, street art, Street-Art, Work
“Tiger Head” (Upfest, Bristol)
Bristol, Commissions, Street-Art, Work
“Magic Link”
Brixton, Brixton Village, Commissions, london, Street-Art, Work
“Audrey the Sexy One”
audrey hepburn, london, old street, shoreditch, Street-Art, Work
“The Godfather”
Commissions, marlon brando, Street-Art, the godfather, Work
Brick Lane, Commissions, fotozino, london, Street-Art, Work
Otto Schade @ Upfest
Bristol, festival, paintjam, Street-Art, upfest, Work
Otto Schade & Bust Art  –  Collaborative piece in Basel, Switzerland
art basel, basel, bustart, Street-Art, switzerland, Work
“Party Time & David vs. Goliath”
Brick Lane, david vs goliath, london, mickey mouse, Street-Art, Work
“Personality Disorder”
berlin, street art, Street-Art
“Peace” in Chile
chile, Peace, Street-Art, valparaiso, Work
Brick Lane, Commissions, london, shoreditch, Street-Art, Work
“The Gift”
Banksy, Brick Lane, Commissions, Ely's Yard, london, Old Truman Brewery, shoreditch, Street-Art, Work
“You’ve got the Power”
Commissions, hanbury street, london, shoreditch, spray paint, street art, Street-Art, Work