Otto Schade @ 40grad Urbanart Festival 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany.
artwork, Commissions, germany, Shows, Street-Art
Otto Schade @ Artbase Festival 2019, Neustrelitz, Germany.
artwork, Commissions, germany, Shows, Street-Art
Otto Schade @ Festival of Lights Berlin 2019
artwork, berlin, Commissions, Shows, Street-Art
South East Asia & Oceania Tour
australia, bangkok, Commissions, melbourne, Street-Art, sydney, thailand, Vietnam
Interview with BookAnArtist
Commissions, Interview, Street-Art
Otto Schade in New York City ?
Commissions, Jamaica, Kingston, Work
Otto Schade in Miami ??
Commissions, Jamaica, Kingston, Work
Otto Schade in Jamaica ??
Commissions, Jamaica, Kingston, Work
Otto Schade @ Festival of Lights Berlin 2018
berlin, Commissions, Shows, Street-Art
Otto Schade – The Lady don’t protest enough
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
“Paris Tour 2018”
Commissions, Shows, Street-Art, Work
Welwyn Garden City Project
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
Bull in a China Shop Cocktail bar Commission
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
“Her Hometown”
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
American Tour 2017 (NYC – Miami).
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
Raw Project Murals and Crush Festival
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
Beirut Artist Collaboration Residency
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
Stenciled Leather Jacket for Berlin based fashion label GALAXO GIRL
Commissions, leather jacket, punk rock, spray paint, stencil art, stenciled leather jacket, Work
Customized Converse shoes
Commissions, Work
“Tennis Player” (Wimbledon 2012)
Commissions, Street-Art, Work
Stenciled leather jackets for Berlin based fashion brand GALAXO Girl
berlin, Commissions, elephutterfly, hand painted, leather jacket, playboy, Work
“Cinta” – The Ribboned Mannequin
Commissions, Shows, Work
“The Kiss” (London/2010)
Banksy, Brick Lane, Commissions, london, Otto Schade, shoreditch, street art, Street-Art, Work
“Tiger Head” (Upfest, Bristol)
Bristol, Commissions, Street-Art, Work
“Magic Link”
Brixton, Brixton Village, Commissions, london, Street-Art, Work
Label design for “Klippenziege Gin”
Commissions, germany, Gin. Klippenziege, label artwork, Work
“The Godfather”
Commissions, marlon brando, Street-Art, the godfather, Work
Brick Lane, Commissions, fotozino, london, Street-Art, Work
Brick Lane, Commissions, london, shoreditch, Street-Art, Work
“The Gift”
Banksy, Brick Lane, Commissions, Ely's Yard, london, Old Truman Brewery, shoreditch, Street-Art, Work
“You’ve got the Power”
Commissions, hanbury street, london, shoreditch, spray paint, street art, Street-Art, Work
New artworks in Edinburgh
Commissions, Edinburgh, new art, Street-Art