“London Smiley Wall Clock”




Title:        “London Smiley Wall Clock”

Size:          30.5 cm diam. x 5 cm.

Medium:   Giclee print on Wall Clock (varnished) / frame black painted.

Edition:    50/50.

Signed:     hand signed with C.O.A. (Certificate of Authenticity).

Year:         2024

Introducing the captivating “London Smiley” design, born from an iconic piece crafted amidst the vibrant streets of Shoreditch in 2012. A fusion of urban artistry and timeless functionality, seamlessly embedded onto the face of a Wall Clock Jones (Venetian). Immerse yourself in sophistication as the sleek black frame spray painted, encases this masterpiece, while the base proudly boasts the vibrant hues of the “London Smiley Varnished” print.