“The Lady don’t protest enough” – This was an invitation to take part on a project organised by “Outside the Zone” in Shoreditch, London.

The idea was to paint something with my ribbon style but at the same time I wanted it to be related to parts of the history of one of London’s most famous sons: William Shakespeare. So this painted mural is a homage to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. I took the quote: “The Lady doth protest too much” and modified it to “The lady don’t protest enough”. Then the woman is taking the skull as Hamlet did with his famous quote: “To be or not to be”. Asking the skull (man) for same rights (sort of reactions for sexual harassment and all these protests from women demanding more rights).  On relation to the spot under the bridge, was perfect to meet the 2 energies, one from West and the other from East as a meeting point. In the end, hopefully there are going to be equal rights for both sides.

Title:               “The lady don’t protest enough”

Technique:    Freehand  spray paint on wall.

Size:                12.50 x 7.50 m

Date:               2018