Another great commission entitled “The Gift” (6.1 x 2.4 m) done by Otto Schade in 2011 in Ely’s yard of The Old Truman Brewery in London. The Old Truman Brewery has become the creative hub of London’s East End hence why there are many creative businesses housed within the Brewery itself, including fashion designers, artists, graphic designers, architects, recording and photographic studios among more. There is such a unique atmosphere within this hub that many artists want to express and mark their art here.

For example, leading community art pioneer Banksy has been exhibiting his infamous “pink car” in Ely’s Yard for well over a decade. Even Corbet Place regularly has different artists come in to design the two massive front plaques of the bar.

Otto’s done numerous artworks here over the last years. For this specific piece he used his remarkable trademark ribbons solely using the colours of the Union Jack, and it’s meant to be a gift for everyone living in the United Kingdom.