In December 2017 I was invited by East Village Walls to paint  in Manhattan New York City (China Town).

Was a real interesting experience by the reaction of the people from the area.

The painting is a message related on how the American Government is dealing with the weapons business.

The idea is to represent the American Eagle (Symbol animal) as a desperate being trying to get rid of the weapons it’s carrying.

Title:            “Who’s next?”

Technique:  Stencil spray paint on wall.

Size:             510 x 280 cm

My last stop was in Miami. Was invited to paint a wall by Nexkto collective and Basel House (Wynwood) for the time of Miami Art Basel and Scope fair. I painted a big shark who is sort of being fished by his own body (ribbons). On the tails it says Miami (hidden).

Title:            “Materialistic Shark”

Technique:  Free hand spray paint on wall.

Size:             700 x 300 cm